BETTFutures Show

Bett Show, 20th-23rd Jan 2016

Life is BETT-er when you’re at the centre of it.  So why not join us, one of the hottest 30 edtech companies to look out for in 2016, at BETTFutures.

20th-23rd January at EdExcel Centre, London

Bett Show, 20th-23rd Jan 2016

Book a day off work or even just a few hours if you’re local and get down to Bett to seek out the newest and freshest ideas!

Here are now>press>play’s top tips for making your day enjoyable:

  1.    1.  Plan, plan plan! If you’ve never been before Bett it’s located at the Edexcel Centre and believe you me it is a big venue.  So do your homework and work out what companies and talks that you want to check out.  You’ll be sure to discover some hidden gems as you meander to your next spot but having an agenda will stop you from wondering aimlessly and missing the things you truly wanted to see.
  2.     2. What’s your budget? Knowing how much you have to spend will help when it comes to deciding what you do with your time and who you talk to. If you’re buying on behalf of others be sure to speak to them and write a list of wants and needs.
  3.     3. Recharge  – you’ll be sure to be using your mobile a lot, so bring a charger or spare battery.  If you’re not calling a friend to see where they are, you might be joining in  the Tweet fest, or using the Bett App to navigate your way around.
  4.     4. Bett is b-u-s-y…people will stop you as you walk pass to tell you about their product. Sometimes this pays dividends and you will discover a gem, but if you know they’re not for you, let them know politely. They’ll be grateful that you’ve saved  their time too.
  5.     5. Lunchtime – we said it was busy but lunchtime can get real crazy as everyone heads for food.  Be smart, everything at BETT costs lots of money, so bring a big bottle of water to carry with you and even a packed lunch. Then you can treat yourself to that coffee without having to wait in a long line of hungry people – and your bank card will be grateful too!
  6.     6. Bring a rucksack – keep your hands free, store your lunch and all of the flyers (that you want to keep) in your rucksack so you can leaf through them later.
  7.     7. Check out Bett Futures – a new zone in its second year, Bett Futures will be hosting 30 new edtech companies.  Last year it was a refreshing change from the more corporate stands and had small open tables, green grass and some very interesting talks hosted by Ian and Ty from the Education Foundation
  8.     8. Enjoy!


Be sure to visit us in the  Bett Futures area, stand BFG8.  We’ll be hosting some incredible children and teachers on our stand:


Weds 20thChildren from St Saviour’s Primary School will be talking to delegates about why learning with now>press>play is important to them.

Thurs 21st – Willowfield’s Primary School Headteacher will be on hand to talk about what made his school subscribe and what the benefits are.

Fri 22nd – Children from Morningside Primary School will be talking to delegates about learning with now>press>play and showing some of their work.

Sat 23rd – We’ll be taking part in an awesome KidsMeet!


Keep an eye out for  #pinkheadphones and the original now>press>play educational flash mobs!