New TES podcast! The Power of Sound: how to use audio in the classroom

We're pleased to launch our first schools podcast with TES!

We’ve partnered with TES to create our Power of Sound podcast, where primary experts, Gary Spracklen, Headteacher of The Prince of Wales School, and Alison Kriel, an education consultant and experienced headteacher, discuss the impact of audio can have on learning. 

Find out how sound can engage all pupils in the curriculum and raise attainment.

Includes practical tips on getting started, including the impact of our award-winning immersive audio adventures with access to a selection of free resources that are easy to use, so you can give it all a go!

Benefits for children include increased engagement, extending life experiences, inspiring quality writing and developing discussion skills.

“We’re living in a world that is changing so quickly and so dramatically, that we need to be people of learning to survive in the future. We need to be able to apply ourselves in different ways, across different disciplines and that’s what I’m seeing from my young people. Our immersive audio experiences are really helping support that, helping support a love of learning.”

Gary Spracklen, Headteacher, The Prince of Wales School, Dorset