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The immersive Audio Adventures provide a rich stimulus for writing, from a mission to Mars, a journey through the Ancient Egyptian Underworld, to swinging through the Amazon Rainforest!

Each one has accompanying resource packs containing quizzes, storyboards, SPAG activities and writing tasks.

The wireless headphones can be used with your ‘bubbles’ to help children keep their distance, have fun and be creative!

A demo is for one class and is one hour. Your class will go on an audio adventure of your choice. You can choose for us to visit the school or to have a remote demo.

Try 4 At Home adventures for free as part of Academies Enterprise Trust!

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Just wanted to give some feedback on these! My class loved them! They were totally engrossed for the full 26 minute story joining in in all of the actions (even J for full 26 minutes). We were blown away by how well they answered questions about the story and Neil Armstrong and the details they had remembered! Class teacher, North Ormesby Primary Academy

Listen to a trailer: