Black, East or South East Asian Actors

child taking part in an experience with quote outlined

About now>press>play

now>press>play is looking for a Black, East or South East Asian actors. In a now>press>play ‘Experience’ schoolchildren go on a 20-minute audio adventure using wireless headphones, while learning about their  curriculum topic. We work in 400 UK primary schools, reaching around 100,000 children each week.  

One ‘Experience’ is voiced by 2 actors (male and female): this and this link will give you an idea. We pay £200  for a half day (3 to 4 hours), usually recording two Experiences at once. During lockdown, actors can work from home (using their own recording equipment, or we can send you some). As our children only have  voices to differentiate between characters, we require our actors to have a range of convincing accents. 

How to apply for this job

Please record the parts below in italics. You can use your phone’s Voice Memo (or similar), we won’t be judging audio quality! Please email these to oscar@nowpressplay.co.uk (in one or  several files), along with your CV and ideally a showreel. 

Deadline to apply: 11pm, 12th April 2021


Narration is delivered in the actor’s natural speaking voice. The narrator is the child’s conscience, prompting  them to make decisions and take actions. They need to be engaging (and reflect the emotion of the child) but  never patronising. This is from the beginning of our ‘Ancient Egypt’ Experience:  

Grab your bag and walk towards the boat. The warm black mud is oozing between your toes, making  it hard to walk. Climb into the boat and sit down.  

Look back across the fields toward your mother’s house. Can you see your her waving? The boat is  moving off and she’s getting smaller and smaller. When will you see her again?  

Trail your hand over the side of the boat and feel the coldness of the water. It’s a relief from the  beating sun. Splash it on your face. [noise] Pull your hand out the water! What’s that shadow? A  crocodile? No, it’s a hippo! It’s coming towards the boat: hold on! The boat’s rocking left, now  right… phew! It’s passed underneath you. That was close. 

Characters (accents!) 

now>press>play is used all over the UK so we use lots of regional accents (cockney, West Country, Yorkshire,  brummie, Geordie, Scottish, Welsh, etc.). International accents can be useful, particularly those commonly found in the UK (but feel free to record any accents you have).

Please read the following in at least 6 accents of your choice and (if you can be bothered!) up to 8. It’s the  same Ancient Egypt Experience: we’ve arrived at our uncle’s/aunt’s and they’re teaching us to become a  ‘scribe’. Feel free to change the odd word (e.g. hello to ‘hi’ or ‘howdy’ etc) to help you ‘hook in’ to the accent. 

Oh hello you. What time do you call this? All the other children arrived hours ago. I see your Mum’s  still as disorganised as ever. Are you sure you’re ready for this? [sighing] Alright then, put your bag  down. [announcing] Listen up everybody! We’re going to learn our first written symbols.