A teacher’s view

Rehana Jamil is a teacher at Globe Primary School, she’s kindly talked to us about her experience of now>press>play.

now>press>play is an interactive resource which engages all learners and opens the children’s creativity.  They experience situations as if they are really there and as a result they have a level of understanding and empathy with the subject matter/topic they may not otherwise.

The training was well organised and there were enough resources to practice what we were being taught.  We were also given lesson plans to help us deliver the sessions afterwards.  The equipment is extremely easy to use and if you do forget then the ‘Cheat Sheet’ lays out everything you need to run a successful session.  Whether you are familiar with the wireless technology or not, once you have run an Experience you will be surprised by how easy the sessions are and how much both you and your class gain from now>press>play and enjoy the lessons.