12 New Experiences for 2018/19

We’re very excited to be launching 12 new Experiences this September. From Castles to Online Safety, Rainforests to Space, these new Experiences will be taking children up and down the country on educational adventures they’ll never forget.

Click on the icons to hear what each experience has in store for your class!


At the seaside, you meet a pirate who has been shipwrecked and lost his treasure. You vow to get it back for him by going under the sea. But will you find the treasure, and will you make it back to land?

When you and your Grandpa make a gingerbread man, things do not go as planned. The gingerbread man outruns everyone he meets, but will he be able to outwit the fox?

When your dog Mars gets sick, you have an unexpected visit from an alien called Kai. Together, you travel the solar system, collecting ingredients to make a medicine for Mars. But will you make it back in time?

On a minibeasts hunt at school, you meet a ladybird who shrinks you down to the size of an insect. You meet lots of different minibeasts and learn how they live and move.


When King Cole’s crown is stolen by the Goblin King, it’s up to you to get it back. But how will you break into the Goblin King’s castle, and will you ever achieve your dream of becoming a knight?

When you click on a pop-up whilst playing online, you are sucked into the computer game. To escape, you must prove you’ve learnt how to stay safe online. Will you ever make it back to your Dad?

You are an alien from the Planet Doom. You visit different habitats on Earth to find a suitable home for your people. But your co-pilot Shift is kidnapped by some creatures called ‘humans’ – will you ever see him again?




On a night-time excursion into the Amazon Rainforest you get lost and meet Tatui, a girl from an Amazon tribe. Together you discover a rare plant with medicinal properties. But will you be able to save it from the destruction?

When your planet is destroyed, you must travel to Earth to collect samples of solids, liquids and gases. But Earth is a difficult place to navigate and you get separated from your brother. Will you find him before your spaceship leaves Earth forever?

When your best friend Jayden is mean to you, you share a secret of his with a ‘friend’ you meet online. Things quickly spiral out of control, and you find yourself being blackmailed. Will Jayden’s secret be posted online, and will he ever forgive you?

 When the village ox escapes, you are blamed and sent into exile. In a nearby forest, you come across a camp of Vikings who are planning to burn down your village. How will you warn your neighbours, and will you ever see your grandma again?

Whilst accompanying Queen Elizabeth I on a royal outing, you uncover a plot to kill the Queen. It’s up to you to protect her and uncover the identities of the plotters. But will you figure it out in time?