Ancient Egypt

Whilst you are training to be a scribe in Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh dies and you are chosen to go on a very special mission through the Underworld. But will you reach the Afterlife and what will you find when you get there?

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In this experience your class will:

  • Discover rural life on the banks of the Nile and the urban hustle and bustle of the Ancient capital; Memphis
  • Become a scribe and learn how to write hieroglyphs
  • Perform a mummification
  • Explore the inside of a pyramid
  • Meet the gods Anubis and Osiris
  • Take a dark trip through the Underworld and learn what Ancient Egyptians believe about the Afterlife

This Experience includes a Teacher Resource Pack linking the Ancient Egypt Experience to:

  • Literacy activities
  • Storyboard
  • Factual Quiz

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