You are an alien from the Planet Doom. You and your co-pilot Shift need to find a new planet to inhabit. When you stumble across the planet Earth, you visit different habitats to find a suitable home for your people. But Shift is kidnapped by some creatures called ‘humans’ – will you ever see him again?

During this experience your class will:

  • Adapt their bodies to fit different environments
  • Hunt with sharks in the ocean
  • Go tree swinging with monkeys in the jungle
  • Drink from an oasis with camels in the desert
  • Fly on the back of an albatross
  • Witness how humans are destroying these habitats

This Experience includes a Teacher Resource Pack linking the Habitats Experience to:

  • 8 Literacy activities
  • Maths
  • Storyboard
  • Factual Quiz

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