Over the past five years we’ve worked with over 40,000 children across the UK. We did a survey of 82 teachers from across these schools to find out how now>press>play worked for them…

If you have a question and want to hear the answer direct from a teacher, get in touch with one of our Ambassador Schools. Or have a read of one of our Case Studies below:

Case Studies

Chisenhale Primary School, Tower Hamlets

Inpp5n 2013-14, we piloted our Subscription service at Chisenhale. Read on to discover how now>press>play has helped their lower ability groups in Maths and Literacy.

Read more: Chisenhale Case Study


Robert Blair Primary School, Islington

Robert Blair have been using now>press>play as part of their curriculum delivery since 2013.  So we interviewed them to find out what they like about it and how it’s impacted their school.

Read more: Robert Blair Case Study


Gloucester Primary School, Southwark

Literacy with now>press>playDuring the summer term, we trialled our Relative Clauses Series at Gloucester Primary School. We were thrilled to see a 17% improvement in the children’s marks.

Read more: Literacy Case Study

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“It was an hour the children will never forget; an hour which brought to life for them the topic work, in a way which quite frankly I could never have achieved, in such a direct and engaging manner.”
Lorenzo McLellan, Y6 Teacher, West Drayton Primary School