Over the past five years we’ve worked with over 40,000 children across the UK. We did a survey of 82 teachers from across these schools to find out how now>press>play worked for them…

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Evaluation Report

In Autumn 2015 – 2016 now>press>play ran an extensive evaluation study to better understand how our resource benefits the children, teachers and schools who use now>press>play across the UK. Read more: now>press>play Evaluation Report

We are currently working with the National Literacy Trust to evaluate our impact and we look forward to sharing the study at the end of the academic year.

now>press>play is an experience the children will never forget; it brings to life for them the topic work, in a way which quite frankly I could never have achieved, in such a direct and engaging manner. Lorenzo McLellan, Y6 Teacher, West Drayton Primary School
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